Sunday, November 16, 2008

When the Saints...

16 miles. One really good play list. I ran pretty strong. It took 2:23 to finish. Just under 9 minute miles. But that is not the focus of today's blog. Some people talk about having a really moving religious experience. I have had a few of those. If you are lucky, you have to. Well, maybe not. I don't think it is luck. At the end of my run, a pretty powerful song began to play. As I ran down the street towards my home, the most powerful part of the song echoed in my ears. Here are the words...

i see the long quiet walk along the underground railroad

i see the slave awakening to the value of her soul

i see the young missionary and the angry spear

i see his family returning with no trace of fear

i see the long hard shadows of calcutta nights

i see the sister standing by the dying man’s side

i see the young girl huddled on the brothel floor

i see the man with a passion come kicking down that door

i see the man of sorrow and his long troubled road

i see the world on his shoulders and my easy load

I could feel the tears streaming down my cheeks. My throat felt like it was closing. I could barely breathe. Yet, I ran even faster. My legs were moving with no effort of my own. Seriously, I had finished almost 16 miles. It really wasn't my effort at that point. Something overwhelmed me. I know it was God. As I headed inside, I could hardly even explain to Clay why I was crying. Then, I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving, on my knees. How blessed am I to spend a morning running for His glory. When I have nothing left, He carries me. I can feel it. And my faith is strengthened. Selah.

Prayer Request for the Day: For all those with a heavy burden they feel they cannot carry.

Song of the Day: When the Saints - Sara Groves (the song playing at the end of my run)

Psalm 68:19 Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens. Selah.


hgray said...


I am loving your blog. I am with you about the song. We did it a few months ago as a special and I cried everytime I rehearsed it.

Your doing great with your time!!


Rider159 said...

That is entirely too far. I don't even like to drive for 16 miles. I am going back to my nachos...