Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Swords and Shields

Hello All! Well, It has been a few days since my last post... babies tend to take a lot of energy! So, here is the skinny... Saturday, Dan and Josh pulled me for 4 miles and I finished the whole 6 a bit behind them. I knew I was in for it when Dan looked at me at the .5 mile marker and said, "You know that we are going at about a 7 minute pace, right?" Well, I didn't finish that fast, but the first 3 miles were 22:20 and over all a 46:20 effort. A little faster than last time:) Ran with Amber on Sunday for about 45 minutes (Go girl!), then Monday did a 15-15.5 mile run. Today, a recovery 4 miler. Enough about the statistics. I am getting so encouraged. After a pretty hard last week, I feel like the efforts towards this February marathon are paying off. Just can't let the devil get in my head... He likes to tell me that I can't do it. To bad I've got God's armor to tell him to stay at home (Ephesians 6). I think that is the moral of the day. Never let Satan tell you that you aren't good enough or that you'll never succeed. With God's help, you can achieve even the impossible. I hope that you go out today and bask in the glory of the Lord.

Prayer Request for the Day: For all those who are cold and tired with nowhere to go. May they find a warm place to rest.

Ephesians 6

Song of the Day: Hallelujah Anyhow - Joe Pace (Thank you Dwayne!)

P.S. Don't forget to sign up for the Rudolph Red Nose Run on December 5 in Nashville at 6:30 PM. Check out the www.nashvillestriders.com under the race calendar for more details.

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Rider159 said...

I lifted yesterday with a massive chest workout from my Palestinian friend. Someday I hope to have a massive chest because of it. And then on the way home I got Burger King (fries and onion rings to accompany my whopper). It's all about committment. Is there spell check on this thing?