Tuesday, January 18, 2011


How do you mess up on day one?

Planning. It really goes farther than we think. Today I started well. Basically it broke down into working out, protein shake, great breakfast, snack, lunch, then the wheels fell off. Why? I didn't plan well enough. I could blame the fact that I had to spend 4+ hours after school taking tickets on for basketball games for my sugar, coffee, and pizza indulgence. I could say that I really didn't have a choice because I was out of the house, confined to a chair for 4 hours, and just had no other options. Really? Who am I kidding? It is my fault. After an almost perfect day, I made the conscious decision to call Clay and tell him that "We needed a cheese pizza" because we were both so late coming home (8PM). It is now roughly 20 min post pizza indulgence and about 2 hours past my 5:45 PM coffee and dessert (it was gluten-free...), and I already feel awful. It is like my body is rebelling instantly. I had such high hopes for today. I was ready to conquer the world on my new paleo and Crossfit/Crossfit Endurance plan, except I didn't plan well enough. There are so many better options, I just didn't take them, and now I feel like garbage. Thank goodness this isn't a double WOD day or I might be puking. Well, tomorrow is a new day. It's going to start off well and END WELL. Busy lives are easy to make excuses for lazy, unhealthy habits. I am actually thankful that I feel so bad. Good reminder. Food is fuel. Crappy food = crappy fuel. Fix it.

5:15 AM - 5 Sports Beans (preworkout) and H2O
6:45 - coffee w/coconut milk and honey, 2 eggs scrambled with fresh tomato, 13 Mary's Gone Crackers, 1 homemade almond protein bar (Thanks Dr. P!)
9:55 AM - banana and very small apple
12:45 - green leaf lettuce, English cucumber, baked salmon, and fresh blueberries, H20, and a plain baked sweet potato
5:45 a few bites of dessert, 1/2 muffin, and a cup of coffee (Starbucks drip-brew with half and half and honey)
8:00 4 pieces of Fox's cheese pizza and 1/2 glass of white wine

P.S. How do I fix that issue of not getting home early enough? I bring some Lara bars just in case and drink more water! Some sugar, but a much better option when I am stuck. Then eat a light salad at home loaded with raw veggies.

5:30 AM
3 Rounds for Time:
25 Wall Ball (14#, 10 ft target)
25 Knees to Elbows
25 Push-Ups
25 Double Unders
25 Box Jumps (20")

Time - 20:20

Exhausted at finish (laying on floor), but think I can go harder. Need to take fewer breaks and push to fatigue ALL the time. Upper body and abs are very sore from yesterday's double WOD and this morning. Very tired today during 5th period and after lunch. Felt good food wise until now. Actually am developing a headache as well. I know better. Need to do better.

P.S. I am actually a little relieved that I am not supposed to run till next week. It feels good to just go all out at Crossfit and know that I don't need to slog through another running workout later. This is going to be an adventure.

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